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Streamlining your business

I have worked for my family's successful hotel business for almost ten years, in that time I've learned how to complete tasks and how to structure business procedures and processes so they may be completed with the least amount of resources wasted and to attain the greatest result possible. Our family business has won many international awards and honors such as the tripadvisor guest choice awards for 5 consecutive years, I think this can be partly attributed to the fact that my father meticulously analyzed ALL the operations within the company and structured them through an intuitive reference guide for the employees. The reference guide contains all the procedures and checklists needed to complete each task and together keep the business running effortlessly and efficiently. The protocols and business procedures as envisioned originally by my father resulted in a top 10 ranking for all of his hotels on websites such as and tripadvisor.

As a family we raised the bar of the hospitality industry in Amsterdam and now I hope to apply that knowledge to raise the bar on your competitors, home and abroad, in many different sectors.

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My father created in cooperation with Qics hotel software and as a partner of Microsoft Azure the digital checklist and procedure software-suite: PROCS. A business solution I would recommend highly to all small and medium businesses who want to be the best in what they do. 


Reduce the amount of resources needed to complete tasks by using Procs (Link to official website).

Spent less time explaining how tasks should be completed, checking the status of tasks or on finding out which tasks have not been done at all. This saves time and money and streamlines your operations.

See the bigger picture

A manager needs to have eyes and ears everywhere and ideally every task should be double checked by a colleague. How to manage all this in a complex business environment involving hundreds of tasks? Simple, digitize the tasks in Procs, upload online reference guides and manuals on how to complete tasks and stay updated on which tasks have been completed and which need to be completed still at every opportunity of the day, check by whom they have been completed, how much time the task cost to be completed and whether it has been double checked, all from your ipad, phone or computer.. 

Be the best

A good business is a business where little goes wrong. With Procs, all employees work with a detailed day to day list of well described tasks, reducing the chance of omissions or errors. This ensures that tasks are completed in a fashion consistent with your expectations.

I am familiar with procs myself since I have worked with them in my family's hotels and because I was involved in the first implementation of the software. Today I lease this powerful tool to small and medium companies in Spain who want to be able to have more control over the operations of their business and the consistency of the quality of their services and products. Read our datasheet here! (PDF file)

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We have created several inventory management lists that help small to medium sized businesses find out what they have, how much they earn from sales, how much goes missing and how much is wasted through breakage or damage. We will make a map of your physical location and/or storage, and specify on this map where inventory should be stored. This makes finding inventory a breeze as the item simply has to be found on the Inventory Wiki to find out its correct location. We propose digital inventory lists, for each storage unit, keypass access and terminals (or at the very least locked with a key) to access these storage locations and to ensure low waste, minimal losses and most efficient use of what you have. 

We can also analyze product sales or production processes through the inventorization of raw materials or products.

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PROCs is a great tool to better organize your business, but for it to be effective you will need to draft various checklists (one each for each different job position) and an array of procedures that explain how to best complete any given task in your organization. It can take precious time and resources to draft these lists and these lists are often best formulated on site as that is where they will be used. 

We propose we visit your location to understand the various job positions in your organizations. To find out your expectations when it comes to work ethic, environment and etiquette. And finally to organize each job into a list of various well described and defined tasks and completion requirements within a realistic time frame. We will then structure procedures for these tasks, explaining how each task will have to be completed in a manner accessible to both experienced and new employees. 

We also draft code of conduct for employees, reference guides and inventory lists.

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