We are specialized in people management.

We can help small and medium companies communicate with their employees, their customers and their suppliers.

In our Communication section we propose coming by your small to medium business to give a training to your employees focussed on proper etiquette and working according to the procedures and checklists we have written with your permission.

In our Analyses and Strategy section we offer to create a marketing strategy based on who your actual customers are and the 'language' they speak based on customer analysis and your theory of business and vision.

Finally in this section we discuss our interesting offer on renegotiating with your suppliers or switching suppliers for a better deal. We only win when you do, taking a 20% monthly cut of what you saved for the duration of the contract. This effectively means you pay nothing if you don't win, and when you win you win far more than us.

We have a business network which allows us to find attractive prices for legal services, notary services, utilities services like electricity and waste-collection but also beverages and food.

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Utility bills like electricity or maintenance contracts for airconditioners, machinery and other appliances or service contracts can all be cheaper than you are currently paying.

The most effective way to grow revenue without investment would have to be cutting costs. However cutting costs often involves the loss of employment or a time consuming analysis of where the biggest gains could be made. We take care of that analysis and would go straight to advising you to allow us to renegotiate on service contracts and utility bills. Why not try? The deal would be non-binding until you agree to the better deal we have found! 

Let us renegotiate and find you a better deal, get started now!