I started this company because I believe in a world where we are more connected, more interdependent, more understanding of eachother and where we make the most of what we have.

Small or medium sized businesses are the catalysator of growth, the creator of jobs and both the vanguard and the backbone of a strong and healthy economy.

I believe that any attempt we make to increase the effectiveness of a small to medium business will ultimately lead to a better world for everybody.


TEDxMaastricht - Simon Sinek - "First why and then trust":


Everyone has heroes, so do we!


Eric Toren Twentyseven Hotel Amsterdam, Sebastians hotelProcs.nl and former owner and director of Hotel Toren

My father inspired me that diligence comes before pride and results after hard work. He is widely considered to be one of the most influential and innovative individuals in the hospitality industry. My father and his wife Petra Toren have succesfully applied innovative business methods such as a booking schedule using dynamic pricing in combination with minimum stays that have ensured an average of nearly 98% occupancy rate of his hotel rooms across his properties. The checklists and procedures he and his wife Petra Toren created, and a visionary eye for talent, have resulted in a higher standard of service in the Dutch hospitality industry. Eric is sought by educational instutions around the world to lecture and share his knowledge with the next generation of hospitality industry leaders. The personal touch of their service and their award-winning enthusiastic team have made thousands of families and business travellers alike feel at home and appreciated in the bustling city of Amsterdam.

Conny van Egmond (Conny van Egmond Interim & Advies)

My mother inspired me to be accepting of people with different backgrounds or lifestyles. She inspired me to want to teach and to learn the most I can in my life. I remember we once saw an older lady with florescent red hair cross the street and when I said: Wow look how weird! She replied: Why is she weird? That's a person who has the courage to be herself¨. My mom was a teacher at the Burghtschool and the Catamaran middle school (5-12) in Amsterdam before she became first the vice-director and then the director of the middle school; de Visserschool. After her lauded work at the Visserschool, where she revamped the school and its methods to become the first dual language (dutch - english) school in Amsterdam, she went to become director of the highschool 'De Nieuwe Havo' before starting her own consultancy agency. She is widely recognized for her dedication to her pupils and to the quality of mixed-culture education in the Netherlands by both media aswell as by local politicians.



There are challenges to overcome in the coming times and many things might happen that will make us feel hateful towards others who do not share our ideas, or our values, or our religion, color or sexual preference. But it is wise to remember nothing good has ever come of division yet everything good we have has come from mutation, the way evolution seeks to be inherently different to what it was, to reinvigorate and change itself as dynamically as the situation calls for.

Or as I like to say, without rub no shine. Any idea that breeds uniformity of thought is therefor detrimental to the human narrative because it goes against our inherent tendency to mutate, to be different, to be unique and to change according to the situation.

We live in a state of near hyper-reality or post-realism. Kept to solemn echo chambers filled with unsubstantial content, dazed and confused by the cynic's alternative facts, and startled by rampant disinformation produced by a streamlined trillion dollar marketing industry and technological advances that are blurring the lines between reality and fiction.

These factors will lead to a world where no one can be sure of what actually happened, even if they have seen it with their own eyes.

This will increase the need for authenticity. Authenticity is closely related to reputation, so guard it well.

I believe in the European Project, because I believe that the values that we share on the European continent are worth defending together and the identity we are building is worth more than the sum of euros it costs. I believe Europe has to be more bold, more brave and more willing to innovate in order to overcome the numerous challenges which threaten all of us, not merely us Europeans. I hope Europe will be the vanguard of humanism and pragmatism, a safe haven for provoking thought, which will enable us to reach and actually go to the stars.